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A List of Work

This is a list of work I have done recently.

Last update on 2021-12-15

Here is a very short list of projects I did while at Syracuse University.

You can check out all my coding work at this GitHub account liduan-su . This account was only used on my coursework while at Syracuse University

  • IST 256: Applied Programing for Information Systems (Python) : on GitHub
  • IST 263: Intro to Front-End Web Dev: HTML and CSS Skills: on GitHub Page
  • IST 387: Intro to Applied Data Science: on GitHub
  • IST 363: Advanced Front End Web Design: PHP, ReactJS, and Headless WordPress: on GitHub
  • IST 486: Social Media in the Organization: Facebook page I response for, and website created by me and my team.

Below are two playlists containing some video projects I had participated in 5 years:

Cover Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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Twitter Analysis Program

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Advance Web Design

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