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Here are some articles I wrote. Some for coursework, some might be personal.

#How to

How to secure your website using certbot, Cloudflare, and nginx

HTTPS becomes mainstream these days, it is good for a web administrator like you to know how to secure your website....

#Ideal Organization

Culture Plan

In this article, I briefly talk about cooperate culture I believe my ideal organization should have. ...

#Ideal Organization

Organizational Structure

This is the first article I wrote for my IST 335 Introduction to Information-Based Organizations course about the ideal organization I imaging at the time. This...

#Ideal Organization

Leadership Plan

I discuss what leadership I am looking for, and the leadership style I think my ideal organization is looking for....

#Ideal Organization

Diversity Plan

I talked about what kinds of diversity I wanted in my ideal organization I imaging at the time....

#Ideal Organization

Conflict Resolution Plan

Conflict happens all the time, but how to deal with it is a good question. This article specifically talks about conflict. ...