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Culture Plan

In this article, I briefly talk about cooperate culture I believe my ideal organization should have.

Last update on 2021-11-28

Originally Post on: 2020-02-10

Many people now will choose a company based on corporate culture. For example, people will say good has an employee-friendly corporate culture. In public, people will say good treat their employees well, they have perks like telecommuting, flextime, free lunches. The perks are obvious. But it also shows the manager at Google has a shared value on treating their employee well so they can make a better product with creativity.

The textbook uses the Competing Values Model of Organization Culture to analyze the cooperate culture. I can plot a point on this model to indicate the corporate culture of my ideal organization.


What is my Culture Plan?

For my corporate culture, I am seeing the combination of clan and adhocracy. Clan culture is placed on flexibility and discretion with a focus inside the organization. It is to create a friendly place to work, letting the leader can talk with associates easily without pressure. I am seeing the need for better working relationships in this firm. The positive establishment of relationships will help with communication and give more opportunities to brainstorm some new ideas for the product. In the textbook, there is a case study on page 437, showing the campaign made by the company called IDEO.

According to the article, the key that leads to success for the firm is they are having a culture that everyone can help (MICHAEL A. HITT, 2018). We could see from this case why communication and freedom are important in these types of companies. Meanwhile, adhocracy is needed is because the company will have different products. It will let the board of directors decide the creativity and innovation of the product the company has. I believe, having two cultures together will give better performance for the company, and it helps to get employees who trust in the same value.

The organization should have all four types of modal since every dimension in the model is kind of important. However, corporate can make one of them are better than others depending on circumstances. With the right decision, corporate culture can affect organizational performance in positive ways. Thus to attract more people to come and participate in to grow the organization.


MICHAEL A. HITT, C. C. (2018). Organizational Behavior. Danvers, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Cover Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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