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There is a list on GitHub called Awesome-Selfhosted where you can find a lot of open-source applications and technologies for almost every use case. I use some of them regularly, and it helps me to understand how a web service works and allows me to explore how creative this community can be. Most applications listed here need authentication for security purposes. However, you can check out the creator of these web services for more information, and see how to utilize them for yourself.

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Email Privacy Relay

Private, Get your own at SimpleLogin

Powered by SimpleLogin

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Inventory Management


SSO Enable

Powered by Snipe-It

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URL Shortener


SSO Enable

Powered by Shlink

Network Controller


Private, Login with Authorized Ubiquiti Account

Powered by Ubiquiti

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SSO Service

Studio Pass


Powered by JumpCloud

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Collaboration Platform



Powered by Lark