About Me

I am a international student study in iSc[email protected]Syracuse University persuing a undergraduate degree learning about how to utilize information technology to change our world. I believe IT is the trend of development right now and it will be the future. With good technology, it will help many people to make some good decisions and help them to succeed in their careers.

I have some interest in the field of new media or digital media as well since I had work in students' TV station during high school period. The Internet provides a platform where people are able to express their thought on something, share the idea with others. People tend to generate great content. I think a combination of 'cultural and creative industry' and 'information technology' will lead to a new brilliant market for the future.


Syracuse University

School of Information Studies Aug 2018 - Present
B.S. Information Management & Technology


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Syracuse University, School of Information Studies Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Prepared and Evaluated weekly lab session to ensure lab quality and accuracy
  • Provided assistant to 100+ student has problems to use software like Cisco Packet Tracer, Linux, Wireshark, Vsphere during lab
  • Tutored 100+ students with a better understanding of the networking concepts.
  • Composed step by step lab instruction to guide students to finish their assignments.


Beijing 7D Vision Technology Inc. Jun 2016 - Jul 2016

  • Helped analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the company's competitor's products
  • Conducted exploratory research on the market.
  • Learned the SWOT analysis from this experience.

Director at LuheITV

Beijing Luhe International Academy Sep 2014 – Jun 2016

  • Supervised on program production
  • Organized and assisted member in the team to make some short video.
  • Provided technical support for post-production.


"The Way to Airborne" - Mini film project May 2015

  • Supervised on film's production
  • Organized and assisted a 5 member team to film the footage we need.
  • Provided technical support for video post-production.



Operating System