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Privacy Policy

Updated 2021-10-26

Privacy is important these days, therefore, lwdService ( which includes websites with these root domain names:,, and ) has created this privacy policy for you to understand how we may collect, use, store and disclose your information.

Information Collection

At our site, the collection of personal information helps us understand who our customer is, allows us to provide services tailored to your need.

What we collect

We may collect information may include but not limited to:

  • The information you provide when signing up or filling forms. These may include your name, address, telephone number, email address, and more.
  • The information you have stored when using our services. These may include the transaction information and technical data.
  • The information we collect to optimize your experience when you access your account. These may include what browser you use, browser history when accessing this site, and logs for development debug.
  • We may store and use information in your browser.
  • Technologies like Cookies to identify your identity on our site, and the personal setting you preferred.
  • Your IP address and user agent from your browser. We may use it for analytic and help us get rid of spam.

How we use all information we have collected

  • We may use the identification information you have provided for identity verification.
  • We may use the contact information you provided to send emails, SMS for notification and communication with us.
  • We will learn your browse habit on our site to optimize user experience in future software.
  • We may use your information to fulfill various requirements.


If you are going to upload media, such as images, videos, and files. You should remove personal information (for example, EXIF, GPS information in images, sensitive information appearance on media you uploaded.) first. Visitors on this site may download and extract such information.

Embeded content from third-party sites.

To help us provides better content, article on this site may include embedded content (such as media, articles, and files) from third-party sites. There is no difference between interacting with these embedded content or accessing content on these sites directly.

These sites may collect your information, Cookies, embedded third-party tracking programs and monitor your interaction with these embedded content. If you have logged in to these sites, they may track your interaction with these interactions.

For embed content from third-party sites, we suggest you look for a privacy policy from them directly.

Protection and storage of personal information

To protect your personal information, we implemented HTTPS technology to encrypt every connection between you and our server.

All information will be stored safely on our server. Depending on server location, we will have different policies on storage duration based on local legislation.

What you can do with your information

If you have an account with us or uploaded media on our sites. You may request us to provide all information we remain about you. You may also request us to delete all information about you. However, some information may not be deleted to obligate with local legislation and data integrity, security.

You may contact us using the information we have provided on the Terms of Service page.

We remain the right to change information on this page at any time. You may access this page regularly to acquire our latest privacy policy.

This version of this document is provided for your convenience. The Chinese version of this document will be used as a reference in court.